【Health Guide】

Clinical medical research shows that excessive prepuce is not only the driver of premature ejaculation in men, but also potentially leads to the risk of urogenital infection. There are many cutting methods for circumcision, and different cutting methods, different levels of experts and differences in surgical equipment result in quite different results.

"Why are you still hesitating about circumcision?"

① Worried about the pain of surgery?

② Worried about safety and security?

③ Worried about unsightly surgery?

④ The impact on life after surgery?

Choose the right hospital, the operation is more assured

Experts remind you to choose a regular hospital with excellent technology and qualified qualifications for circumcision.China Great Wall hospital, as a formal and professional hospital for men, took the lead in introducing circumcision surgery, which makes circumcision more reassuring.

Circumcision surgery is reported to incorporate patented technology, emphasizing a humanized surgical process, and prioritizing the preservation of sexual function, ushering circumcision into a new era.

--Four Highlights of Circumcision--
Painless all the way

Painless surgery with WHO pain standard 0 certification and needle-free anesthesia.

15 minutes to solve a lifetime of hidden dangers

Quick, safe circumcision in just 15 minutes.

No need to remove stitches, 7 days recovery

Absorbable sutures, natural recovery in 7 days.

Normal sex life in 20 days

Safe surgery: 20 days to recover, fixes excess foreskin and reshapes frenulum.

Four guarantees, no worries about surgery
◆Prevent infection——10,000-level laminar flow sterile operating room

The 10,000-level laminar flow purification operating room built by hospital adopts an air purification laminar flow device to efficiently filter and sterilize dust particles and bacteria in the air. The air cleanliness can reach 99%, which can prevent surgical infection caused by the surgical environment .

◆Privacy Guarantee - 1 doctor, 1 patient, 1 consulting room

China Great Wall Hospital pays attention to one doctor, one patient and one consulting room, and pays attention to protecting the privacy of each patient, so you don't have to worry about your privacy being leaked.

◆Safe and reliable—expert with no accidents in 10,000 operations

Circumcision surgery is performed by experts who have performed tens of thousands of operations without accidents to ensure safe operation, beautiful appearance after operation, and normal sex life will not be affected.

◆Reasonable charges——strict implementation of national standards

China Great Wall Andrology Hospital charges strictly in accordance with national standards, and it is clear where every penny is spent to prevent arbitrary charges.

Perfect witness! Circumcision breaks through 10,000 cases
He said: If the foreskin is overgrown, it will be even better in bed!
Mr. Devkota 25, is an IT engineer in a software company. There is occasional inflammation of the prepuce. Once went to a nearby outpatient clinic for treatment, but only to eliminate the symptoms of inflammation, failed to do circumcision. Later, I often experienced premature ejaculation due to excessive prepuce, so I went to China Great Wall Hospital to undergo circumcision. Not only did I get rid of the foreskin problem, but the quality of my sexual life also improved.
She said: After circumcision, her husband became more "fierce"
My husband has had a long foreskin since he was a child. Is this hereditary? But he didn't want to go to the doctor. He himself said that it had no effect, so he left it alone. But he didn't think about it for me. The smegma hidden by the overgrown foreskin not only made me sick, but also caused my gynecological diseases. Later I told him that if the foreskin problem is not dealt with properly, I will sleep in separate rooms. He decided to go for circumcision. Now in sex life, I feel that he is more aggressive.