circumcision how long recovery time you can accept
3 To 7 days 8 To 15 days More than 16 days

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What factors affect postoperative recovery time
【recovery record】China Great Wall phimosis cosmetic surgery

7-15 days of sex life

Your circumcision is up to youCircumsicion Program Online Private Customization
the way you want to cut
  • scalpel cutting
  • laser cutting
  • plasma cutting
  • ring cutting
【quick answer】>What is the difference between each method?
Can you accept wound recovery time?
  • 3~5 days after operation
  • 5~7 days after operation
Your expected sexual recovery time
  • 15~21 days after operation
  • 21~28 days after operation
Whether to remove stitches
  • Whether to remove stitches
  • Non-removable stitches
postoperative aesthetics
  • with fine cuts
  • flawless

the different options above,Affects overall surgery cost

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【Speed ​​experience】foreskin phimosis cosmetic surgery

——The operation can be completed in 5 minutes——

Circumcision Guaranteed results97% of men have achieved the following results after surgery

Ejaculation duration +10~15 minutes

Erection Hardness +50%

Help keep glans disease away

The foreskin is clean and fresh

love love more confident and more comfortable

【cost-effective choice】foreskin phimosis cosmetic surgery ——real hundred dollar surgery——
Circumcision: Guarantee Safety No mistakes are allowed in the key parts of a man
【perfect look】foreskin phimosis cosmetic surgery ——Cosmetic electric knife seamless cutting——
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1fastPainless all the way Cut in as little as 5 minutes

2no problemcut and go Does not affect driving and walking work as usual

3qualityThe fastest 7 days to heal the incision flawless

4Sexual happinessIntercourse within 15 days at the fastest lasting Immediate results

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