Reference diagram of excessive foreskin
Foreskin problem identification criteria:

The glans cannot be fully exposed when the penis is weak

Difficulty draining the last few drops of urine after urination

Pubic hair is often caught by the foreskin

What troubles your foreskin may cause you
What are the benefits of circumcision for men?
but,not only
The infection rate of reproductive inflammation is reduced by more than 90%

More than 90% of men recover from circumcision,Inflammation such as itching, redness, swelling and odor of the glans no longer occurs.

Sexual life time increased by 3~6 times

More than 80% of men recover from circumcision, Significantly increased ejaculation duration, Glans sensitivity reaches balance,Say goodbye to premature ejaculation.

1.5 times increase in penile erection and congestion

More than 70% of men recover from circumcision,Increased penile erection and engorgement, Increase in length and thickness。

Because professional,Circumcision is getting easier
Open the most convenient era of circumcision

no surgery,5 Minutes to complete the operation

cut and go,Does not affect work life

18 Days to Restorative Sex

almost 0 bleeding,Beautiful and natural after surgery

China Great Wall Andrology circumcision surgery cost